LS Series Stainless Steel Doors

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The LS Series stainless steel doors provide a sleek, aesthetic appearance and tough defense against harsh weather. They are available for single- and double-door applications, are hurricane-approved and built to resist corrosion. All-stainless steel alloys deliver corrosion resistance and an aesthetic look. The LS18 and LS16 Series doors offer versatile features while standing up to hurricane-force winds.

The LS Series doors are 1-3/4” (45mm) thick and available in single- and double-door sizes, with optional visions and louvers and a wide range of hardware preparations.




Structural core strength and ease of installation

  • Polystyrene, honeycomb or polyurethane door cores to suit various applications
  • 18-gauge and 16-gauge (standard); heavier gauge is available on a quote basis
  • Steel-stiffened available on quote basis
  • Vertical edge seams: seamless and interlocking edge
  • Beveled hinge and lock edges
  • Component parts and hardware reinforcements are 100% stainless steel
  • Offered in two stainless steel alloys: 304 (typical corrosion resistance) or 316 (heavy corrosion resistance)

Exceeds industry standards

  • Fire-rated up to Class A (3-hour)
  • Sound-rated to STC 51 (seals not included)
  • Hurricane-approved (NOA Dade County Florida)
  • Corrosion resistance conforms to ASTM A666
  • LS Series doors meet fire rating requirements; they are listed for installations requiring compliance to both neutral pressure testing (ASTM E152 and UL-10B) and positive pressure standards (UL-10C)